Weapons and Ammunition

We offer all kinds of ammunition, shotgun, ball amunition, pistol, and ammunition with marginal fervor.

Corporate events

Our offer includes well-proven centers that enable high-quality social events, catering and an accompanying program. Our partners have implemented more than 1,200 social events.

NWD - Legal

Travel agency

We provide our clients with travel services, air tickets, ferries, accommodation and accompanying services

International trade

We mediate the sale, purchase and rental of real estates not only in the Czech Republic.

Fee hunting

For our clients we provide fee hunting in the wild, fields, domestic and abroad, including travel, transport, accommodation and meals. We provide individual and common hunting experiences.

Featured Work

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John Doe
John DoeCEO & Founder
Linh Kathy
Linh KathyMaketer
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Salen AtalayTester

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